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iSTS Model W 32A to 100A - Static Power

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The Model W is a wall-mount unit for use at the point of distribution where the STS is close to the load. It has an excellent power rating to size ratio, ideal for high-current small-space installation. The design incorporates an integrated maintenance bypass. Comes standard a decal and graphic OLED with the option of a colour touch screen LCD interface.

Features and Benefits

• Space saving wall-mount design

• Built-in transient voltage protection

• UPS Eco-Mode compatible

• Safe asynchronous source transfers

• Very high MTBF (>800,000 hours)

• LED mimic decal with graphic OLED interface

• One touch transfers

• Visual and sound alarm

• Integrated web server

• Remote operation

• High-level interface - MODBUS, SNMP

• Email alerts

• Clock synchronisation with NTP

• Incoming source isolator switches

• Integrated maintenance bypass

• Redundant fan cooling

• 5 x voltage free contacts & remote inputs

• Easy access for maintenance

• Australian designed & manufactured


• 1-Phase/2-Pole or 3-Phase/3-Pole or 3-Phase/4-Pole – 3Ph models are 4-wire + earth unless otherwise stated

• Current rating 32A to 100A

• Voltage rating All region-specific voltages selectable ±10%

• Safe install environment 20kA, 100A/200A internally fused

• Frequency 50Hz and 60Hz, ±10% - Auto detection

• Transfer at zero current by break-before-make by Thyristors / SCR

• Protection 100A/200A fuses – FE/FEE BS88

• RS232 or RS485 with third party adapter

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