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iSTS Model B4w 63A to 160A - Static Power

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The Model B4 is a high-power capacity static transfer switch with a hot-socket field replaceable power module. This model is ideal for high power installations with the convenience of wall mounting. Perfectly adapted to large power surge or motor and transformer start up.

Features and Benefits

• Wall mounted

• Built-in transient voltage protection

• UPS Eco-Mode compatible

• Safe asynchronous source transfers

• Very high MTBF (>800,000 hours)

• LED mimic decal with graphic OLED interface

• One touch transfers

• Visual and sound alarm

• Integrated web server

• Remote operation

• High-level interface - MODBUS, SNMP

• Email alerts

• Clock synchronisation with NTP

• Incoming source isolator switches

• Integrated maintenance bypass with hot socket field replaceable power module

• Fixed wiring to input & output terminals for cable up to 70mm²

• 5 x Voltage free contacts & remote inputs

• Australian designed & manufactured


• 1-Phase/2-Pole or 3-Phase/3-Pole or 3-Phase/4-Pole – 3Ph models are 4-wire + earth unless otherwise stated

• Current rating 63A to 160A

• Voltage rating All region-specific voltages selectable ±10%

• Safe install environment 20kA, 300A internally fused

• Frequency 50Hz and 60Hz, ±10% - Auto detect

• Transfer at zero current by break-before-make by Thyristors / SCR

• Protection 300A fuses – aR-NGT00

• RS232 or RS485 with third party adapter

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