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GE's STS Series 25-1000A

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230V/3x400V 25-1000A 2/3/4-pole Static Transfer Switches (STS)

Static Transfer Switches (STS) are designed to transfer the supply between two independent AC power sources. Unlike traditional automatic transfer switches (ATS), a static transfer switch provides a fast load transfer (typically 1/4 of a cycle), which ensures uninterrupted operation of sensitive electronic equipment. Load retransfer to the preferred input source is virtually instantaneous (typically 0.1 ms).

The basic applications of STS are in automatic systems in the power industry, power supply systems for petrochemical industry, computer and telecommunication centres, automatic and security systems of ‘intelligent’ buildings as well as other equipment which is sensitive to interruptions in the supply.

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Features and Benefits

·        Selectable voltage limits for full flexibility to protect equipment against sags, swells and interruptions.

·        Three redundant power supplies providing maximum reliability.

·        Fail-Safe CMOS logic for fast and reliable control of the STS.

·        Easy to install and to operate.

·        Redundant cooling providing full functionality, even in case of a fan failure.

·        Surge protection to prevent damage to the STS and the supplied equipment.

·        Blocked transfer in case of short circuit preventing jeopardy to other users.

·        Manual bypass for no-break operation of the load during maintenance.

·        Dry contacts to provide status and alarm information to other control systems.

·        Rackmounted models for easy integration into other systems.

·        User friendly control panel for easy operation.

·        Neutral dimensioned for 200% of nominal current to handle unbalanced loads (800/1000A: 160%).


·        Nominal input voltage: 400V ph-ph / 230V ph-N

·        Input voltage window: -25% / +20%

·        Nominal frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz (on request)

·        Status information: manual transfer on, retransfer off, primary/secondary source OK, primary/secondary source on

·        Disturbance alarms: primary/secondary source not healthy, sources not synchronized, manual control on

·        Transfer time (manual triggering): < 0.1 ms



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