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TLE Series UPS 160-800kW

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Delivering Best-in-Class Efficiency

GE's TLE Series UPS is one of the most efficient and reliable three-phase UPS systems, providing best-in-class efficiency, output performance and critical power protection for your data center needs. The TLE Series UPS solutions are optimized to provide high efficiency at part load conditions.

The TLE Series UPS helps assure low input current harmonic distortion, best-in-class output voltage regulation and dynamic response. This helps customers save operational costs while implementing environmentally-friendly solutions.

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Features and Benefits

  ·      High efficiency in double conversion mode up to 96.5% and eBoost mode operation up to 99%.

  ·      Clean input performance with 0.99 input power factor and <3% THDi

  ·     Superior Battery Management

  ·      Output power factor:1

  ·      Built in back feed protection and maintenance switch minimize installation cost and increase safety

  ·      Compact foot print

  ·      Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) for reliability, redundancy and scalability up to 6 UPS.

  ·      Improved user interface

  ·      Extremely low output voltage distortion

  ·      Improved diagnostic capabilities with waveform capture and capacitor monitoring



  ·      160-200-320-400-600-800kVA

  ·      Nominal Voltage Output 3x380/400/415Vac

  ·      Rectifier Technology: IGBT PurePulse™

  ·      Operating modes Double conversion, automatic bypass, eBoost mode, frequency converter, RPA

  ·      On TLE Series products, 160-800 kW single module and Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) operation:

- Fast transfer to inverter: <2ms

- Input voltage range: +/- 10%

- Input frequency range: +/- 3%

- Efficiency: up to 99%



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