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What is a Catalyst

All lead acid batteries make poisons in the process of the charge discharge cycle, in floodedvented cells these poisons are vented from the cell but in the sealed VRLA batteries thepoison generated in the cells cause the negative plate to become depolarized over time andthe cell to become discharged.

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When a Catalyst is installed in the head space of a VRLA cell it changes theelectrochemical activity within the cell. This causes balance within the cell preventing thenegative plate from depolarizing over time and improves cell capacity. A healthy balance inthe cell will be immediately obvious by a reduction in the cell’s float current by up to 50%.What that means, is a dramatic reduction, by up to 80% in cell gassing, reduced water lossdelaying cell dry out, reduced positive plate corrosion, reduced cell heating, reduced risk ofthermal runaway and a reduction in the energy required to cool the cells / batteries. Theother very important feature of batteries using a Catalyst in the head space is that they canbe used in temperature up to 30 C. with out loss of life.

SEC has been putting Catalysts into our range of 2 volt VRLA cells for many years withexcellent results. Now with the development of the new smaller Monobloc Catalysts we are fitting Catalysts into our range of 6 and 12 volt Monobloc batteries.

SEC Industrial Battery Company is pleased to announce the addition of a new component in ourrange of VRLA batteries. The revolutionary Monobloc Catalyst extends battery life and operatingtemperature range of our VRLA batteries and has many other advantage.

  • Will reduce float current by up to 50%.
  • Will reduce gassing by up to 80%.
  • Reduces cell failure due to dry out.
  • Will minimise water loss.
  • Will extend battery float service life due to reduced plate corrosion.
  • Batteries will have full design life when useat temperatures up to 30o C.
  • Will maintain full cell capacity by preventing depolarization ofthe negative plate.
  • Reduces the possibility of thermal runaway.

Monobloc Catalyst now available in SEC range of 12 volt Front Terminal batteries 6 & 12 voltTUA Telecom / UPS batteries and revolutionary Solar Gel TSG range designed to provide fullbattery life even when used in temperatures up to 30 C.

Taking advantage of this new Catalyst technology, SEC is planning to release several newVRLAbattery types over the next few months.



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