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Provides for mission critical power system customers

GE Digital Energys high-power Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Customer Test Center gives UPS customers the ability to witness important testing of their mission critical facility and data center power systems, helping ensure operational functionality and reliability.

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The UPS Customer Test Center, located near Dallas, Texas, USA can provide comprehensive testing of up to six three-phase UPS systems from 10 to 750kVA each in parallel using Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA). Customers can test their UPS for complete operability with other critical power systems such as batteries, output distribution units, wireless data acquisition, and system controls. The UPS Customer Test Center is over 80,000 square feet in size and includes six test bays with a total electrical capacity of 4.5 MVA of load at 0.8 to unity power factor. All power and control wires are below the floor trenches, giving the facility a safe and clean layout.

At this state-of-the-art facility, customers can easily view the equipment under test and have instant access to test data, waveform captures, and summary reports. Customers who have already conducted testing at the new UPS Customer Test Center are impressed by the investment GE has made in the testing technology and the layout of the facility which makes it easy to witness the equipment testing.

GE Digital Energys UPS Customer Test Center also includes fully automated PLC controlled output switchgear for Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA), GE MDS wireless data acquisition radios, and GE Multilin power metering for real-time polling and automated customer test reports. 0-100% part load Efficiency for each UPS module and parallel system, Step Load, and Short Circuit testing, as well as monitoring voltage current, frequency, THD and watts are automatically performed for each system under test.



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